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FINESTRE NURITH knows that respect for the environment guarantees a better future, reducing the environmental impact is easy with our windows.

Choosing a FINESTRE NURITH window means choosing an elegant and designer product, of a high quality that lasts throughout the years, but it also means having extremely high values in terms of thermal insulation, therefore a reduction in consumption in terms of heating and air conditioning of environments, resulting in advantages from an economic point of view and a huge reduction in CO2 emissions in the environment, respecting nature.

Furthermore the FINESTRE NURITH windows are designed and developed using highly recycled materials such as PVC, glass and alluminium and therefore even when the lifecycle of the product comes to an end, its impact on the environment is minimum.

In 2015, thanks to the excellent insulating capacities of the material, PVC windows covered more than 30% of the Italian market (when NURITH was born in 1985, it only covered 5%), in 2000 it covered 15%.

FINESTRE NURITH thanks to its collaboration with PVC Forum Italia has been granted the  VinylPlus brand.


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