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PVC - Life Cycle

  • PVC - Life Cycle

PVC - Life Cycle

57% of the PVC polymer consists of salt and is considered a safe and inert material.

PVC windows made by companies registered with the PVC Forum all bear a quality and environmental sustainability stamp that guarantees full technical observance with the norms of UNI EN 12608 and UNI EN 14351-1, the re-use of all production waste and recycling of all windows recovered at the end of their life cycle.

The lifecycle (LCA=Life Cycle Assessment) of a "typical product"

As a functional unit a single leaf window has been used, with dimensions of 120x150cm.  A normal life of 30 years has been established, a value below the real performance related duration of a PVC window (we can now prove that windows installed 30 years ago by NURITH are still in perfect working order and in good use) and unlike other materials, they do not require any maintenance other than simple cleaning.

Results have confirmed, during the entire life cycle, that a PVC window has a GER (total energy requirement) of 25.000 MJ and  a GWP (potential greenhouse effect of 100 years) of 1.750 Kg CO2 equivalent. With the same characteristics for a wooden window, similar values have been achieved of GER of 27.200 MJ and GWP of 1.800 Kg CO2 equivalent.

You can contat the PVC Forum Italia for full details of the study.

PVC is a 100% recyclable material.

Thanks to its collaboration with the PVC Forum Italia, FINESTRE NURITH has been awarded the VinylPlus mark.

VinylPlus is the new voluntary ten year commitment towards sustainable development of the European PVC industry.  The voluntary programe of the European industry of PVC has registered important figures.  Just recycling of profiles coers 43% of the total, therefore this is the field that provides the greatest contribtion to PVC recycling.

[Source: SIPVC www.pvcforum.it - www.sipvc.org]

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