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Impero - Double Glazed Alluminium Entrance Doors

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Impero - Double Glazed Alluminium Entrance Doors

Impero, the entrance door designed to reign.

Combining elegance and grandeur has never been so easy.... IMPERO is the alluminium entrance door that furnishes.  A highly balanced aesthetic-functional product, in which lines with an important visual and tactile impact are combined with very spacious proportions.

With IMPERO your home acquires a very substantially important element of furnishing, realistically similar to an entrance door made from solid wood.  The veins, the colours, the shapes of the ashlar panels and the use of additional mateials (such as decorated and glazed glass) have created 8 models of front doors, all characterised by attention to details and the use of stylish handles and locks.  All as guarantee of a brand... destined to reign.


Double Glazed Alluminium Profile

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The aluminum door IMPERO proposed in the version with thermal break profiles, allows a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation.

The design and the high manufacturing quality and robustness, are synonymous of guarantee and durability.


Impero range is available in different designs and with different options.


The Empire door fits all design requirements, it is offered in various finishes and colors.

3 Points Lock

  • Serratura 3 punti - MaicoSerratura 3 punti - Maico

The lock latch bolts 3 is a new cylinder lock with five locking points:

  • three latches (one station with call and two at the ends with anti-retraction device);
  • two self-adjusting mushroom (three in the case of doors higher than 2200 mm).

Suitable for entry doors and patio doors in all materials - wood, PVC, aluminum and mixed systems - the lock latch 3 offers a number of advantages:

  • thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Closing comfort;
  • Burglary security;

ease of adjustment and assembly.


Discover the attention to detail of doors IMPERO

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