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"Silence" double glazing

Window glass
"Silence" double glazing

Safety double glazing is an insulating kind of glass, consisting of two or more panes of glass put together, separated by a cavity of dehydrated air or gas, protected along the entire perimeter by a double seal.  The glass used may be of various kinds, in this case we have a special "Silence" glass.

"Silence" glass represents the ideal solution to increase acoustic insulation against all external sounds.  It is made by inserting a special film into one or both of the glass panes of the double glazing allowing, as said, a drastic reduction in noise transmission.


Tabella caratteristiche

TypeUgψ [W/mK]dB (Δ)Tℓgmax sq.m. [m²]weight [Kg/m²]thickness [mm]
44.1 be + 20 GA WE + 44.1 Acustico1.10.0414275506.84036
44.1 be Acoustic + 20 GA WE + 44.1 Satin1.10.0414275546.84036
44.1 be Acoustic+ 20 GA WE + 44.2 Acoustic1.10.0414575506.84036
44.1 be Acoustic+ 20 GA WE + 44.2 Acoustic Sandblasted1.0.0414575516.84036

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