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Exclusive Systems

  • Bianco Satin - Finitura esclusiva infissi in pvc

Exclusive Systems

Another factor of success of the "NURITH" brand is represened by constant research into products made using selected raw materials that can offer exclusive quality and elegance.

Exclusive Profiles

Rigorously made in Germany and constantly subject to strict controls by Institutes of international fame, the profiles used for PVC windows that NURITH uses for its windows, all available in "A" class, are designed to satisfy the strict norms related to heat transmittance.


  • Exclusive hardware:

NURITH pays special attention to corrosion that metal components are constantly subjected to due to the effect of chemical and electrochemical reactions caused by the substances in the environment: these are for example the internal air in premises, the external air of pollutants, salt, water, condensation, land and chemical substances.


  • SILVER FINISHED surfaces:

The electrolytic galvanizing process, passivation with VI chrome-free silver and the subsequent application of a silicone based sealant. This technique has provided excellent results in the improvement of the characteristics of surfaces and represents the first truly valid alternative to the chroming hexavalent process.

  • Treatment surfances TRICOAT: 

The TRICOAT treatment has been specifically designed for uses in which a high resistance to corrosion is necessary. The special characteristics of the TRICOAT hardware lie in the fact that another organic "Top Coat" layer (cataphoresis+painting) is applied to all silver accessories, on the surface treated with electrolytic galvanizing, providing the components with a very high level of resistance to chemical attacks and corrosion and making them of a higher quality compared with the hardware treated with a normal galvanising procedure.

  • Exclusive finishes

Constant requests made by professionals in the field of furniture and design, as well as our end users, more and more demanding, have forced us to pay very special attention to this aspect.

The flexibility in use and the extremely wide range of systems available allow for these requirements to be adequately satisfied from a technical, functional and aesthetic point of view.


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