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History and Mission

  • History and Mission

History and Mission

FINESTRE NURITH was born in 1986 with Pvc-Infissi snc, a small artisan company, with the objective of offering high quality doors and windows.... Throughout the years, thanks to the very much appreciated and successful work on the market, the company grew and the corporate form changed, initially to Nurith Srl in 1990 and later in 2005 to Nurith S.p.A., maintaining its attention to details and typical flexibility of artisan work.

A story of passion and skills that has allowed us to make constant progress. Today the company FINESTRENURITH is a leader in the field of doors and windows, a synonym of quality and design, of advanced systems for PVC windows, PVC and alluminium shutters, alluminium blinds, alluminium ashlar front doors, fiberglass panels (for armored doors) and hinged counterframes.

In 1986 three operators from this field, all very optimistic of their possibilities, skills and experience, got together to make their dream come true and face this new challenge.  The choice of adopting PVC as a material to produce windows (a very risky choice at that time) resulted in bad periods but thanks to the trust in the strategic choices made and the tenacity of the three partners, the company quickly overcame its difficulties. In 1999 the company was strong and economically healthy and its success generated greater trust, it was a young company but with a strong will to grow: the launch of a new and ambitious project came about, including the construction of three new production plants, two for the production of PVC windows and one for the production of alluminium shutters: all to be done within 10 years.  Exactly on time, the last plant was opened in June 2009.

The extraordinary entrepreneurial development was to be found in a specific group philosophy, whose focal point was the great value that FINESTRENURITH gave to human relations and its resources: constant attention to observance of various customer-partner requirements, technical skills and the professional involvement of all employees.

Special attention was also given to fast and direct means of communication and a very slim hierarchical structure, making sure that order management is efficient and quick and that company decisions are always made without too many bureaucratic hitches.

Constant investments in the development of high quality products, use of the most advanced technologies and services offered to our customers and dealers: they all put Nurith in the position of providing customers with a positive reply to all demands, dedicating the utmost attention to even the smallest of details in every phase of its activities, therefore from the initial project right through to installation of the final product.


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