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Shading systems

Shading systems

FINESTRENURITH offers a wide and complete range of shading systems.

The shutters available in PVC, in the ALTHEA range, and in alluminium, in the GENUSJA range, the shutter blinds made entirely from alluminium in the RUSTIKO range, ending with the modern GELOSJA system that combines the roller shutter and blind in an intelligent manner, creating an adjustable, convenient and functional shutter.

The shutters as well as blinds, together with the roller shutters can be personalised and match perfectly with any kind of environment or architectural context.

The main characteristic of the solutions of the shading systems is the same one in all products by FINESTRENURITH, guaranteeing reliability and a long life cycle, also in intensive conditns of use or in difficult environments as in the presence of excessive heat or cold or in situations with dried salt.


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