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Who We Are

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Who We Are

FINESTRE NURITH is a leading company in the production of doors and windows, with an exclusive and elegant design combined with a high quality level, all strictly "Tailor Made" and manufactured in Italy.

Thanks to almost three decades of history, know-how acquired throughout the years and our experience, we offer doors and windows as well as other additional articles such as windows, balcony doors, panels, front doors and shading systems, all unique and exclusive to enhance your homes, providing insulation from the cold as well as heat and assuring energy savings. Furthermore, our windows always provide a high level of acoustic insulation to keep out any noises and guarantee an excellent level of acoustic comfort.

FINESTRE NURITH has always focused on the corporate concept of values that are still part of its image and style:

  • innovation;
  • selection of materials;
  • extreme precision and attention to detail;
  • investments in technology;
  • diversification of products;

all values that are still used in our strategic and operative choices, the ones that FINESTRE NURITH implements on a daily basis to satisfy its customers.

FINESTRE NURITH uses the services of highly skilled personnel, from its salesmen to its dealers, from its fitters to its designers, to offer products and services that make our products unique, safe and reliable, providing a long-term solution.  Our dynamism and our range of products also allows us to satisfy all of the requirements of private individuals, property developers and technicians.

FINESTRE NURITH has always maintained its roots in terms of its skilled craftsmen, a factor that allows us to create extremely high quality products as well as to customise or create made-to-measure products, from the choice of colour right through to details such as the hardware, handles or even the choice of dimensions and shapes.

So what are you waiting for, enter the "HOME OF WINDOWS", NURITH!

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