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Gelosja - Roller Shutters

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Gelosja - Roller Shutters


Gelosja can be opened, closed, regulated:

  • it opens just like a blind;
  • it closes just like a shutter;
  • it can be regulated just like a sunblind.

GELOSJA provides huge energy savings for summer air-conditioning as it obstructs up to 80% of heat from sun rays, acting as a blind and allowing for light to come in but not the sun;

GELOSJA can be integrated into old buildings thanks to simple assembly systems and the wide range of finishes available;

GELOSJA is easy to wash and does not require any maintenance;

GELOSJA is a range with 65% tax deductions in terms of energy savings. By purchasing Gelosja with your windows you can take advantage of the 65% ECOBONUS provided by the Government through the last LAW n. 63 of 4th June 2013. All details on tax deductions can be found in the page “65% ECOBONUS" in the "NEWS" section.


The unusual geometry of the profile allows for rotation of one slat on the other without any need for electric mechanisms or devices. Everything is powered by one single motor (enclosed in the roller). Three different types of remote controls are available according to requirements or the "touch" wall controlled element can be used.


  • Gelosja - Persiana Avvolgibile - Lamelle chiuseLamelle chiuse
  • Gelosja - Persiana Avvolgibile - Lamelle aperteLamelle aperte

Gelosja assembly scheme




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