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"Solar Control" double glazing

Window glass
"Solar Control" double glazing

Safety double glazing is an insulating glass, consisting of two or more panes of glass put together and separated by a cavity of dehydratd air or gas, protected along the entire perimeter by a double seal.  The glass used may be of various kinds, in this specific case we have a special "Solar Control" glass.

The "Solar Control" glass is a special double glazing as one of the two panes of glass is covered with a transparent layer of noble metal oxides.

This maintains the heat generated by heating inside your home in the winter. On the contrary, it prevents excessive heat from the sun from penetrating inside; an important advantage in intermediate seasons and in the summer, for verandas.


Tabella caratteristiche

TypeUgψ [W/mK]dB (Δ)Tℓgmax sq.m. [m²]weight [Kg/m²]thickness [mm]
4 Clear Reflective + 16 GA WE + 33.1 be1.10.0413533321.152526
33.1 be + 12 GA WE + 44.1 Clear Reflective1.30.0413833293.33526
4 be 4S + 16 GA WE +
4 be 4S + 16 GA WE + 33.1 Satin1.00.0413564411.152526

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