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Triple glazing

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Window glass
Triple glazing

Triple glazing is also a kind of double glazing but it is made from three panes of glass put together, separated by a cavity of dehydrated air or gas, protected along the entire perimeter by a double seal.  The glass used may be of various kinds, in this kind we have a stratified safety glass.  This type of double glazing provides greater acoustic and thermal insulation.

Double glazing indicates the total thickness of its components, in this case we have Glass + Chamber + Glass + Chamber +Glass.

For example a double glazing window of 4-10-4-10-4 consists of 3 panels of glass of 4mm each and two chambers of 12mm each, for a total thickness of approximately 32 mm.


Tabella caratteristiche

TypeUgψ [W/mK]dB (Δ)TℓgMQ max [m²]weight [Kg/m²]thickness [mm]
4 be + 14 GA WE + 4T + 12 GA WE + 33.1 be0.70.0393668471.153540
4 be + 14 GA WE + 4 Printed C T + 12 GA WE + 33.1 be0.70.0393668471.153540
4 be + 14 GA WE + 4T Satin + 12 GA WE + 33.1 be0.70.0393648471.153540
33.1 be + 12 GA WE + 4 T + 12 GA WE + 33.1 be0.70.0393767442.54040

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