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Alarm Kit

Being protected by NURITH always, even when you are at home.

On request, a sophisticated integrated alarm system with perimetral airwaves can be fitted.

Creating products of a high technological content, able to anticipate the expectations of our customers and satisfying the requirements of end users: this is the main objective of NURITH.

Safety, reliability, easy installation and comfort: these are the main qualities that characterise the Kit Alarm products.

Advanced technology allows us to provide our windows with an invisible system, saving time during installation and guaranteeing the highest level of reliability.

The Alarm Kit technology by NURITH offers two alarm areas: one of a perimetral kind and the other of a volumetric kind, both of which are extremely reliable.

The the GSM automatic phone dialler integrated, it offers utmost safety even at a distance.  Totally free of electric and telephone cables, it adapts to all situations and is perfect for isolated areas, be they private homes or professional premises.

The modern cable-free systme satisfies requirements for buidlings over several levels and up to 32 users for each alarm area.  It is recommended for existing buildings or in the case of renovation work as, thanks to radio transmission, it avoids all cable connections between external and internal areas.

The Alarm Kit equipment is totally guaranteed and in the case of any faults that may arise within the first two years from activation, they will be replaced immediately by the Official NURITH Dealer that installed them.

The Alarm Kit products comply with essential requirements and the demands of the following European regulations:

  • Regulation R&TTE 99/5/CE
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation 89/336/CEE
  • Low Voltage Regulation 73/23/CEE
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