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Definition of a Window

  • Definition of a Window

Definition of a Window

The ideal characteristics of a window

Our ideal window must:

Create a barrier from the outside in order to control the passage of air, light, sounds, excessive heat or cold, smells, rain or insects.

Resist to external stress such as mechanical, thermal and security stress.

  •  Mechanical stress consists in compression, traction, curving and torsion when external pressure is applied.
  • Thermal stress can create movements, deformations or simple coaction (internal action)  in the event of a change in temperature.
  •  Security stress or changes consist in the imposition of a geometric change to the state of the structure, resulting in deformation of the structure itself and therefore the emergence of strain.

Resistance to wear in time and to atmospheric agents.

Being able to guarantee safety in the case of damage, explosions, flames, so as to avoid or limit damage to the users; 0

Having good aesthetic characteristics, reduced maintenance costs and contributing twoards energy savings. For further information please visit the section “thermal comfort” of our website.

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